Faster Than Lightening

TheSpeedSter Token is a fully decentralized “HYBRID” token inspired by “The Flash” series. This token will be recorded to be the first-ever “hybrid” coin with developments and utilities unlocked with lightning speed. This token was built on the blockchain technology network, Binance Smart Chain of the BEP-20 standard

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Features split image 01 Features split image 01

About Us


Gamified tokens, utility tokens, meme tokens, Charity tokens, and everything in between. Here comes a unique project, TheSpeedSter; a token that has gone "HYBRID". Bringing the Meme fun into Gamification and Utility while looking to leave a footprint in the lives of others and push for decentralized financial systems. " We are eradicating rug pulls and scams and bringing greater value to our users, more safely and securely as we promote good causes that bring the community together and move it forward. "

TheSpeedSter Token has an exciting roadmap of value-adding projects every step of the way!

With its charity-oriented focus, this community is particularly conscious of others with disabilities which hinder them from active participation in day to day activities and seeks to ensure that they are helped as much as possible towards achieving their personal goals.

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Our Tokenomics

Public Sale Allocation Split

Liquidity Pool
Launchpad fees

Transaction Tax -10%

Buy back
Marketing & Dev't
Reward to holders


Phase 1 - GENESIS

Phase 2 - SET SAIL





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Benefits of TheSpeedSter Token

  • 3% Auto Reflection
  • 2% Automatic Liquidity
  • 1% Anti-Whale
  • 2% Buyback
  • Strong Anti-Bot Protection
  • Access to a community with continuous wealth appreciation in view
  • Fully decentralized and community-driven

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a vesting schedule for the launched tokens?

Yes, 40% TGE, 15% till month 5.

What DEX or CEX are you listing on?

Pancakeswap and Dextools for starters, we also have plans for coinmarket cap and coin gecko. CEXs shall come later on.

In consideration of the token max supply, how will .....?
In consideration of the token max supply, how will token burn be carried out?

An initial burn is automated for after 48 hours of listing. From then, we’ll have period burns on a quarterly basis.

What is the future of the SSTER token when it comes ....?
What is the future of the SSTER token when it comes to it having an NFT marketplace and minigames, how does this affect the token market volume?

TheSpeedSter is growing into an entire ecosystem to include Dapps, games and NFTs. These will work symbiotically to support and sustain all aspects of the ecosystem. Refer to the ROADMAP. This doesn’t affect the token volume.

As a community-based meme token, TheSpeedSter .... ?
As a community-based token, TheSpeedSter must have some form of the community-developed governance system. How does TheSpeedSter aim to be fully decentralized & community driven? What governance privileges are available to early adopters, community members & strategic investors?

Currently the team is structured in project heads, team members, and external advisors. There is a long-term plan to go fully decentralized with a management team still in place to moderate back-end operations without directly affecting market circumstances.

When is pre-sale?

Presale Starts 30th of August 2022 (14:00 UTC) and Ends 06th of September 2022 (14:00 UTC).

What kind of token is it? MEME, UTILITY?

It is a HYBRID token. Pooling the meme fun and hype into utility with a mix of charity to it.

What are your plans for charity, since SSTER ...... ?
What are your plans for charity, since SSTER is a charity focused decentralized project?

There is an allocation directed towards Charity from the revenues generated. A proposal shall be drafted and granted to the rest of the community for a vote after which the selected option shall be implemented with some members acting as "auditors"

How do you intend to prevent rugpull and keep .... ?
How do you intend to prevent rugpull and keep your investors safe?

There are certain pointers to rug pool potential projects. In this space, you can only trust the authenticity of the smart contract and make sense of the tokenomics. In that regard, besides having an audited smart contract we have done a KYC to portray trust and also have tokenomics with locked up allocations.

What are your security measures to prevent .... ?
What are your security measures to prevent hacking of token address?

The SSTER is fully audited by SAFU, so all security measures have been taken and validated. We also have some other aspects that can’t be publicly shared and regular audits in plan.



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No part of this document should be construed as financial advice nor as a guarantee of the future performance for TheSpeedSter or any other investment mentioned herein. Cryptocurrencies are extremely speculative and are subject to powerful market forces and fluctuations outside of TheSpeedSter Finance team. Therefore, it is your responsibility to take all necessary security precautions when purchasing cryptocurrencies.